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She’s a Boss! Powerful Characters That Changed the Game


There’s something about seeing women portrayed as these powerhouses on screen. I love to see them coming in and taking charge, whether that’s in the boardroom, bedroom, or any other aspect of their lives. In the ‘90s, women did exactly that. These characters shed new light on what it meant to play in a “man’s” world. They were strong-willed, beautiful, and you knew not to cross them. Here are a few of some of my favorite powerhouse characters.

Janet Hubert as Aunt Viv
The OG Aunt Viv had it all. She was classy, beautiful, strong, and could read you like no other. We learned early on, that she was way more than what she was initially portrayed to be. She was supportive and nurturing, but on several occasions let you know that she is not the one mess with. There was this regal quality about her and I have yet to find another that possesses it.

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Regina King as Marcee Tidwell
People always say that they want someone to hold them down, nah scratch that. I want someone to help build me up, who I know has my best interests at heart. Marcee Tidwell was that woman. Not only was she one of the best supporting wives in film history, she knew her shit. As much as we love Cuba screaming “Show me the money”, it was Marcee behind the scenes making sure he the coins he deserved. If that’s not considered a boss move, then I need a few of you to raise your standards.

1996 TriStar Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Robin Givens as Jacqueline Broyer
Jacqueline Broyer walked so all of us could run. You know that phrase “anything you can do I can do better?” Well, baby! Ms. Broyer did exactly that. She was the blueprint to having your cake and eating it too. Not only was she stunning, but she knew how to take charge. She went after what she wanted ferociously and let it be known that you were playing on her terms. We all know how she played Marcus like a fiddle, then left him balled up in the fetal position. However, her character was much more than that. She let women know that you don’t have to play by the rules, instead create their own. She will forever go down in history as one of the coldest to ever do it.

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