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Happy One Year Anniversary 90’s R&B University!!


It’s the one year anniversary of 90’s R&B University. To celebrate this milestone, we’re taking a look back at what hosts Shan Britton and Byron McCray says 90’s R&B means to them. 

Jason Gray, Zumble Co-Founder, recalls approaching Shan and B with the idea to do a podcast about 90’s R&B. Impressed by their extensive knowledge of music and 90’s R&B, he knew that they would be the perfect fit.

“I remember about a month ago realizing that there wasn’t a podcast out that focused strictly on 90’s R&B. I did realize that I knew two people that were 90’s R&B savants — those two people were Byron and Shan. I immediately hit both of them up and said they should start a podcast and that I’d help put together. Long story short, I’m willing to put up my last dime that this will be one of the best podcasts out.”

Shan and Byron were excited to be able to not only educate the listeners about a genre they were so passionate about, but to also help expand the Zumble brand and carry on the values of which it stands. 

Shan Britton, Editor-In-Chief of Zumble, speaks about 90’s R&B University.

“This podcast is a masterpiece in the making. Byron and I are so glad that we can use this platform to bring people together through their love of 90’s R&B. I have always considered this genre the golden era of music. There is no other feeling like it. I hope that Byron and I can bring forth the true essence that 90’s R&B continues to have for generations to come. 

I would consider myself a 90’s R&B junkie. I love the musical composition, lyrical content, instrumentation, and just the overall feeling that this music gives. It not only carries nostalgic memories, but this genre has a song for anything that you’re feeling. If it’s heartbreak, toss on some Toni Braxton, or Mary J. Blige. If you’re with your boo and you’re feeling frisky, play that Silk or Jodeci joint. If you want some feel-good dance tunes, give Usher a go. The options are endless. We hope to cover a decade of music and really help you all discover the depths of what 90’s R&B has to offer. It is more than the hits you hear on the radio, it’s the B-sides, the underground artists, the albums that may not have been “successful”, but have some bangers that were slept on. That’s what we’re bringing to the table. I hope that each of you learns something, and leave with a greater appreciation for what I consider the greatest genre of all time.”

Byron, Senior Editor of Zumble, is driven by a long-time love of 90’s R&B.

“There is no other podcast like this! Sure, R&B fans recognize figureheads like Mary J. Blige, TLC, Boyz II Men, Aaliyah, or Brandy, but there is so much more beyond the surface. R&B has been my safe space; there is a relatable song for every season of my life. I’ve always felt a sense of belonging in the melody. I personally enjoy shining a spotlight on the artists, songwriters, producers and architects that may be lesser known to fans of the genre. Collecting albums and reading through the booklets is a ritual that I still practice today, always looking to see who wrote lyrics, played instruments, or sang background vocals on each song. 90’s R&B University lends the opportunity to put those teachings to use and celebrate the contributions that have shaped my life and surely impacted others. 

A somewhat shy person, my confidence seems to find its comfort zone in situations that involve 90’s R&B, whether taking the stage at 90’s R&B Karaoke or taking on this new podcast adventure. Shan and I clicked instantly and we knew that this was a match made in heaven. We both have a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table; we can’t wait to share with listeners!”

 Listeners can continue to expect a deep dive into the freshest era of R&B. Topics include Best Debut Albums, One Hit Wonders, Blue-Eyed Soul, Boy Bands vs Girl Groups, plus interviews with special guests!

Tune in to weekly episodes of 90’s R&B University every Friday with Shan and B! Class is in session! Season two is streaming now! 


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