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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Step Your Game Up!


Summer is around the corner and across America, Black families are pulling their smokers and grills out of storage ready to reunite for Juneteenth celebrations, Fourth of July, and any excuse for a family cookout. No matter the occasion, one thing is for sure—there will be line dancing! Although it has evolved since the 50s, line dancing in the Black community found its true synchronicity in the 90s. Lately; however, it seems to be division in Black households as some friends and family aren’t equipped with the required footwork to get in line and stay in time. Here are the essential dances you NEED TO LEARN in order to maintain your black card and to make your ancestors proud.

The Electric Slide

The Marcia Griffiths classic “Electric Boogie” got a refresh thanks to a 1990 remix and is line dance 101! Unfortunately, some of our youth aren’t being raised on this track’s infectious bounce and jubilant horns as they bend back, lean back and slide in the wrong directions! FYI: Advanced sliders are able to balance a plate of food while conducting their dips.


The Wobble

One of the dances from the 2000s that came to STAY! You’ll often see those who have been doing this dance since the days of 106 & Park add their own flair and twirls to it! If you are a beginner, just stick to the basic directions of Jumping Back then forth, wave your arms left, then wave them to the right, step forward, step backwards, then rock until you face the next 90-degree angle.


The Cha Cha Slide

It’s time to get funky! If your uncle ever broke out a microphone at the barbeque, he may sound exactly like Mr. C The Slide Man. If you can’t do this one then you may just need to go in the house and watch everyone from the window. The instructions are there in the lyrics, all you have to do is listen, Clap Your Hands. Hop, and Stomp and REVERSE-REVERSE. Never heard of Charlie Brown? Just watch your dance neighbor. in time you’ll be Cha Cha’ing real smooth!


Tamia Hustle

This is the summer’s newest challenge and there is quite confusion about how to get from point A to point B. Set to R&B chanteuse Tamia’s “Can’t Get Enough Of You” one may be tangled by the smooth yet challenging footwork, but once you get it, you’ll be the talk of the park! Tamia and Husband Grant Hill are celebrating 23 years of marriage so you may just find the one to step with for a lifetime!



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