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Classic Duets of the ’90s


There is nothing I love more than a great duet. The meshing of two incredible artists just does something to my soul. When I think of a great duet, there are three requirements one must-have. First, each of the artists has to have great vocal ability. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be a powerhouse vocalist, but each artist has to know how to use their range to compliment their partner. Second, the song has to have an amazing production. When a duet has a quality production, from the lyrics to the sound production, it just amplifies the song to new heights. Lastly, a great duet must make you feel. Not just any feeling, but one that you can feel in the depths of your soul. That’s it! These are my three requirements for a great duet. I have compiled a list of duets that have embodied each of these characteristics. This isn’t an all-inclusive list, just something to let you know where I’m coming from.

We Can’t Be Friends-Deborah Cox and RL

We’ve all been here before. You fall in love with a person and unfortunately, things do not work out for whatever reason. There are these lingering feelings between the two of you as you try to maintain a friendship, but deep down you both know what it really is. Cue Deborah Cox and R.L. This song gives you all of those feelings and then some. It is one of my top three duets of all time! You cannot deny the vocal powerhouse that is Deborah Cox. The two are great together but let’s be honest, Deborah Cox just brings on home. Especially when she sings “Can you look me in the eye and honestly say you don’t love me.” That part gets me every time. Such a timeless classic that I feel does not get the credit it deserves.

Spend My Life With You-Tamia and Eric Benét

Who wouldn’t want a song about spending the rest of your life with the one you love? This is such a beautifully written song. I can understand why it was one of the top wedding songs of that year. What I love the most about this song is the harmony between their two voices. They don’t try to overpower each other. Benét’s soft vocals complement Tamia’s dynamic range so effortlessly.

Nothing Even Matters-Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo

I cannot fully express how much I love this song. This is Neo-Soul royalty right here. It’s the production for me. Lauryn Hill wrote and produced the hell out of this song. Tapping D’Angelo for this one was literally the icing on the cake. This song is soulful, smooth, and sweet, which ultimately leaves you with a feeling that will take your breath away. This is one of those tracks where you don’t need the powerhouse vocal break, that most duets have. It just flows and flows like water. Oh, and can we talk about the ad-libs between the two? The feels y’all the feels! Lauryn’s soft, airy falsetto and D’Angelo’s smooth, mellow, tones just take you to another level. Many have tried to remake this song and honestly, they need to just stop because nothing compares to the original.


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