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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Zumble Exclusive with Tommy Davidson!

It isn't often that you get a chance to have a conversation with one of your idols growing up. For our founder Jason G.,...

Zumble Exclusive with R&B Diva Michel’le!

Michel'le is one of the most underrated vocalists of 90's R&B. The way she belts out songs will have your jaw dropping down to...

90’s R&B Karaoke Livestream Recap: An Exclusive with Angie Green

Over this past weekend, the very first 90’s R&B Karaoke live stream event was held in Atlanta. It was amazing! Everything from the opening...

Zumble Exclusive with 90’s R&B Hitmaker RL!

Award-winning, chart-topping, songwriting extraordinaire RL is back and better than ever! From his days with the group Next until now, he has provided us...
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