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90’s Concerts: Back Like They Never Left!


Concert season is in full effect and some of our favorite 90’s artists have been hitting the road. After not being able to perform for over a year, they came out the gate swinging, ready to show their fans what they’ve been missing. I can say that we have not been disappointed! Here are some of the highlights from their recent performances.


Over the weekend SWV performed at the Multi-City Music festival in Cleveland, OH. They sounded amazing as they normally do, dancing and giving the energy that only SWV can give. The real surprise is when they brought out Di Reed of Jade. She sang the group’s smash hit Don’t Walk Away and we were left with those nostalgic feels all over again. The beautiful ladies of SWV sang alongside her, and it was amazing to see the love between these ladies. It just goes to show you that 90’s Girl Groups remain undefeated. Reed who was live-streaming the concert, admits that she was so nervous afterward, but with a voice like hers, she had nothing to worry about!


The Bad Boys of R&B performing again? Sign me up! It’s been nearly 6 years since the members of Jodeci were seen performing in a concert setting. It left many wondering if the group would get ever get back together to perform again. Not only were they back, but they brought those classic Jodeci feels along with them. Noticeably missing was K-Ci which left fans concerned about his whereabouts. As we know, K-Ci suffered a stroke in 2018 and has been in recovery, therefore limiting the number of shows and performances he can do. The real shocker was seeing DeVante Swing perform again. We haven’t seen or heard much from DeVante in the last few years, so seeing him on stage was a real treat. He was looking healthy and better than ever. Jodeci has a few more tour dates lined up and hopefully, we will get to see the quartet for the remainder of the tour.


Say his name and everyone goes crazy. Ginuwine is synonymous with sex appeal and his recent performances are no different. One note in and you are completely captivated by his essence. Ever the performer, he pulls you in with his high energy, dancing and commanding the crowd as he sings What’s So Different. As he transitions to So Anxious, he makes you feel like each note is tailored specifically to you. In that moment you can’t take your eyes off of him, nor do you want to as the sweet melodies of the song wrap around you and there’s no one else there but you and Ginuwine. As he finishes the show with Pony, he brings out roses and hands them to the ladies in the crowd. Leave it to Ginuwine to not only give you a great show but leave you swooning long after he’s gone.

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