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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Best of the Best Friends Pt. 2




I decided to pick up where I left off on the last article and give y’all the rest of my list of the best of the best friends from our favorite shows. If you missed part one be sure to check that out as well.


Max (Erika Alexander – Living Single)

Their friendship was very realistic. For the most part the relationship was good, of course they had their issues, but the love outweighed it all. Maxine was going to always be down for her girl whether she was right or wrong. It didn’t matter if they argued the night before or that morning if Khadijah needed her, she was coming no questions asked. She might have honestly been my favorite character on the show because she was about her business, and she always had a comeback when somebody tried her. She brought Khadijah out of her shell because let’s be real, she could be a little uptight at times. Who wouldn’t want a friend that makes them let loose and have a good time?


Diavian (Alexis Fields – Sister, Sister)

Diavian was that homegirl who was down to turn up but also would let you know when she was not on the shenanigans. She kept it real and would not hesitate to put Tia or Tamera in their place when they were wrong. Perfect example is when she let Tia know that she was NOT Debbie Allen when they were rehearsing for a talent show that should have been a fun time, but of course strait-laced Tia could not just enjoy it. Diavian may not have been a main character but when she hit that screen, she was memorable. It was great to see them in college and get a better look at their friendship.


Hakeem (Lamont Bentley – Moesha)

Now I know we already talked about Moesha and her girls in part one, however I felt like the relationship between Hakeem and Moesha deserved to have its own moment. It was clear from the very beginning that Hakeem was looked at as part of the Mitchell family when we saw the way he just walked in and helped himself to a plate of breakfast before school. It was nice to see the balance of Hakeem having a single mom who worked hard to provide and Frank actually taking on that role of father figure for him. What I didn’t like was that the show decided to put them in a relationship in college, it just made everything awkward. One thing is for sure though, Hakeem loved Moesha and always had her best interests at heart. Their relationship reminds me of mine with my best friend (minus the dating).


To sum it up I think Brandy said it best “through the good times and the bad times, whether I lose or if I win, I know one thing that never changes and that’s you as my best friend.”

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