Best of the Best Friends


They say you can tell a lot about a person by their circle of friends. Well, that got me thinking, who are some of my favorite friend groups from some of our favorite shows. This list is in no particular order and is how I feel the dynamics were. Alright here we go.

Tommy and Cole (Tommy Ford and Carl Payne) – Martin


I mean we know we can’t talk about friendships and not talk about the relationship between Martin, Tommy, and Cole. Tommy was the smart friend that would more often than not be the voice of reason when Martin was ready to jump off the deep end. When Martin inevitably did go off the edge Tommy was right there to make him realize the error in his ways and get him back on the right track. Cole on the other hand was the goofy friend that was always down for what Martin cooked up. He was always there to keep the laughs coming whether we were laughing WITH him or AT him. Their dynamic for sure is unmatched.

Niecy and Kim (Shar Jackson and Countess Vaughn) – Moesha


When you’re in high school your friends are like your whole life right? That was literally the case with Niecy, Kim, and Moesha. We got to see the growth of their friendship over the years as they went through high school and moved on to college. Niecy was the laid-back friend that always had a joke but pretty much avoided trouble because her mama didn’t play. While Kim was the boy crazy friend that was always getting Moesha into trouble. What I liked most about their friendship is that it seemed the most realistic to how things are in life.

Jazz (DJ Jazzy Jeff) – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


There is a lot that could be said about the relationship between Will and Jazz. While Jazz was not a character we saw frequently on the show, there was no denying the bond between him and Will. I mean they were friends in real life so it makes sense that the chemistry would translate on camera. Jazz came in and provided a refreshing balance between Will’s new Bel-Air lifestyle by giving him a taste of what he was missing from home. Although Will was the “smarter” of the two Jazz also dropped a gem or two from time to time.


A good friend group is essential to surviving this thing called life. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without my people cheering me on. I had more friendship(s) to discuss but I’ll leave it here for now. Let me know which 90’s sitcom friendship(s) was your favorite.


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