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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Jodeci: The Controversy Surrounding the Bad Boys of R&B 


Jodeci is known for being the “Bad Boys” of R&B. From the moment they debuted, they weren’t like any other group we’ve seen before. Jodeci had style, edge, and the talent to cause their fans to go into a frenzy. In my opinion, they were the blueprint and certainly paved the way for the artists that came after them. How does a group go from chart-topping hits & sold-out tours to controversy surrounding drugs, gun charges, and alleged sexual assault? These clearly aren’t the same guys who sang Forever My Lady and Cry For You. So what happened to the group we all know and love?

In April 1993, DeVante and K-Ci a woman claimed that she went to DeVante’s home in New Jersey and he threatened her by pointing a gun at her. She also stated that K-Ci threatened her and sexually assaulted her. Though DeVante claimed the woman was upset and made the story up, he plead guilty to gun charges as did K-Ci to sexual contact. 

When DeVante got robbed in 1993, that experience traumatized him. After this experience he tells Vibe that he sleeps lighter, it made him want to f**k up a n***a, and you won’t catch him not packing. This was after he was awaiting sentencing for pleading guilty to the previous charges. 

Fast forward a few years later, we learn that K-Ci and JoJo have each struggled with alcohol addiction due to the different things they faced in the industry. While Mr. Dalvin and DeVante have faced struggles of their own. In an interview with Vibe JoJo stated this about how his addiction began, 

“…this industry takes you all out of your element of life, of who you are. And if you begin to be caught with all the album sales, the money, and all the doors open to anything you want, it takes you out of all of reality. So it all started up when all of that came to us…” 

While incredibly heartbreaking, it makes me wonder why wasn’t there anyone to guide these young men? Where were their mentors or accountability partners? How did all of them fall down similar paths? For a group that ushered in a new sound and changed the way we listen to music forever, it’s sad to know that this played a major part in their downfall. 

Today, I’m happy to say that each of these members has overcome their addictions. They’ve decided to reconcile and go back on tour. You can catch Jodeci on the upcoming Rnb Rewind Tour with TLC and Keith Sweat, as well the highly anticipated Lovers & Friends Tour. While they may be the “Bad Boys of R&B”, their music and legacy will always be good in our books. 

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