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xoNecole x Toyota USA Made For Me Experience


To celebrate Women’s History Month, xoNecole teamed up with Toyota USA and launched the Made For Me: ATL event which took place on March 19th and 20th. This two-day event was a complete wellness oasis, tailored specifically to the path chosen upon arrival. The three paths to choose from were Abundance, Love, and Purpose. Hosted by Gia Peppers and led by an amazing team to include yoga instructor and financial consultant Dr. Nicole Garner Scott, astrologist Dani Simone, and Christian psychologist Dr. Alduan Tartt created workshops that focused on healing the mind, spirit, and body. 

Before starting our workshops, we began with a few breathing exercises and a meditation led by Dr. Scott. Instantly, I felt a sense of relaxation and knew I was in the right place at the right time. As we completed the opening, I could see that the other women around me felt the same. It set the tone for the activities ahead. 

Since I chose the abundance path, my first workshop was a yin vinyasa flow taught by Dr. Scott. Listening to songs by Sade and Jhene Aiko, we flowed through each of the asanas with each one bringing us more in tune with our body and mind. Dr. Scott spoke affirming words of abundance over each of us, letting us know that we were more than deserving of the things we desire and have worked for. A very powerful workshop indeed.

The next workshop was with astrologist Dani Simone. She had each of us look up our natal chart, and focused specifically on our signs in Venus. Venus rules how we love, how we express ourselves, and what qualities we’re attracted to. As she went through each sign, I couldn’t help but notice how I (Venus in Leo) have always viewed or attracted things on a grand scale. The characteristics Dani pointed out for my sign made perfect sense as to why I have this larger-than-life persona. For someone who is not really into astrology, she definitely made me reconsider some things. 

The last workshop I attended with Dr. Alduan Tartt, and I can honestly say, I was not ready for the gems he dropped. He spoke about the value of relationships and how they related to creating a life filled with abundance. While I was aware of how certain relationships can impact your life, I wasn’t aware of how to tailor those relationships specifically to meet each other’s needs. Dr. Tartt’s workshop was eye-opening and left me completely floored. 

Beautiful, talented, multi-hyphenate. These are a few words that describe the powerhouse known as Meagan Good. She’s been a fan favorite ever since she first graced our screen. Whether you grew up watching her in Eve’s Bayou or Cousin Skeeter, or if she’s become your favorite new girlfriend in her latest role as Camille in Harlem, there’s no denying that Ms. Good’s presence radiates any room she walks into. To close out the incredible day, Meagan Good was featured as the keynote speaker. She dropped a few gems on facing rejection, finally becoming free, and letting God lead her life. Here are a few highlights from her conversation with Gia Peppers.

Meagan Good on handling rejection:

“Rejection is God’s protection. Every time I didn’t get what I wanted, I got something that was better suited for me.”

On rejecting what no longer serves you:

“I feel like it should be spirit-led on what you should say yes to and what you shouldn’t say yes to, especially when it comes to rejecting something or someone else and potentially hurting their feelings. You gotta be mindful of that especially if you love them, care about them, and want to help them.”

What it means to be free:

“For years, I felt like I was on the edge of a cliff, and people were just poking and prodding me. All I wanted to do was knock them off, and then one day, I just jumped. The best part was when I jumped, I started flying.”

On letting God lead her life:

“I try with every decision I make, whether it’s, personal, whether its career or spiritually. I try to make sure I’m aligned with God with asking first, and not just going off of what I think or feel or even what I want, but what does He wants for me because I know what he wants for me is better than what I want for myself.”

It’s feeling like Meagan season, and I for sure am excited for her upcoming releases . After a career spanning over 25 years, our good sis is more than deserving of all the praise and accolades headed her way. 

I am thankful for this incredible experience. I left the venue feeling full and ready to flow into my abundant season. xoNecole hold’s such a powerful space for women to be their authentic selves, and I can’t wait for more women to step into their power as well. 

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