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Unsung Sitcom Heroes


We all have our favorite shows. Whether it’s Martin, Fresh Prince or whatever. We also all have our favorite character from those shows (usually the star for obvious reasons.) But I want to shine the light on some of the unsung heroes of these shows.


Now when I say unsung heroes, I’m talking about the characters who were not on the show every episode. I’m talking about the characters that were related to the star of the show in some kind of way and when they showed up you KNEW you were not going to be disappointed.


Bernie Mac – Moesha (Uncle Bernie)


I mean come on how could you not laugh with Bernie Mac future king of comedy shows up at the Mitchell residence giving his brother Frank the blues and flirting with Andell? He was definitely the cool uncle and when he showed up, we already knew it was about to be a time.


Terrence Williams – Living Single (Scooter)


Now he’s not here so much for the comedy as I just love the relationship between him and Khadijah. Scooter would come in like true blast from the past upsetting Khadijah’s life in true ex fashion. Making her catch all these feelings and sweep her off her feet just in time to take off again. I’m just glad that they finally got their stuff together and made it work.


DJ Jazzy Jeff – Fresh Prince (Jazz)


The annoying best friend that is always being thrown out of the house, Jazz for sure has earned his place on this list. From hitting on Hillary to cracking on Uncle Phil’s weight you knew when Jazz popped in two things were going to happen. One you were going to laugh at his antics, and two he was going to do SOMETHING to get thrown out of the Banks’ residence.


Tracy Morgan – Martin (Hustle Man)


C’mon chief, you know this list wouldn’t be complete without Hustle Man. This character showed up at the most odd times (like during a blizzard selling “free range chicken”) and one thing was for sure, my mans was about getting his coin! He was going to sell you something and definitely make you laugh in the process. Tracy was definitely always a great time when he showed up on our screen. I know I for looked forward to his antics.


These are just some of my favorite unsung heroes, be sure to let me know

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