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90’s R&B Karaoke Livestream Recap: An Exclusive with Angie Green


Over this past weekend, the very first 90’s R&B Karaoke live stream event was held in Atlanta. It was amazing! Everything from the opening set by DJ Wav to the incredible performances was an unforgettable experience. Although I wasn’t in attendance physically, I was still able to capture all of the great moments from home. And let me tell you, the vibes were just as strong as they would have been if I were actually there. I had a chance to speak with one of the magnificent performers Angie Green, and she gave me a recount of her experience from that amazing night.

Shan Britton: What would you say was the best part of the 90’s R&B Karaoke experience for you?

Angie Green: I always get mushy talking about this movement. Like I be in my Carl Thomas bag. The first time I touched the stage at one of these events I was already committed. There is a rush, a feeling that I get when I walk into the venue that takes over any other emotion I have. Fear, hurt, anxiety, anything. It all goes away and you are swept up in the nostalgia of the 90s memories. Every song reminds me of a time in my life growing up and I’m immediately reliving those moments again as if no time has gone by.

And that’s not even my answer to your question lol

SB: Yes! Those are my feelings exactly!!

What was your favorite moment during the event?

AG: Here’s my answer,

The best part of the 90s RnB Karaoke experience is without a doubt the fellowship. Meeting so many new people that share the same vibes as you is unexplainable. It’s like being in your own city, on your own planet, with your own people. And to look out in the crowd and see them smiling at you, cheering for you, rocking with you is a feeling that’s unmatched. It’s like Christmas morning opening that gift you been wanting since  April and you know is there, you just have to open it!

Courtesy of Angie Green

AG: My favorite moment is the pregame. The warm-up, DJ Wav hitting those spots, playing the ultimate mood setters like you all are loading into a time machine with your crew for one of the best nights ever!

SB: I love it!! You meet so many people there and build bonds over your love for 90’s R&B.

SB: What would you say to someone who has not had a chance to experience this event yet?

AG: I would first direct them to the Instagram page or mine 😉 to see the videos and photos. I would then tell them how this experience has changed my life. I’d tell them about the movement and how the Gray Brothers are young black entrepreneurs with dreams and they are coming true. They will see it in my smile while I’m talking to them. They will experience it when they watch my videos that I post after the events. They will be unable to deny the pull on their soul to want to be a part of it.

SB: Omg yes! After I flew to the very first show in DC I was hooked. Not only by the event but the teamwork of how everyone worked together to create such a memorable experience.

AG: It’s like it just falls into place! And when we all get on stage together people think we rehearse but we don’t! We legit rock that hard with each other that our chemistry takes over. We are a culture.

SB: Facts! Hell, we pull each other on stage because it’s just that fun. We are definitely our own tribe and it’s been great to finally meet so many like-minded people who share that same love.

SB: So your performance with Jason was amazing! How did that come about?

AG: Me and him were in his car in Chicago and we had just wrapped his new short film “shameless plug” and I was telling him that I only want to do duets but I’d considered MJB “Happy” and he was like “Hell nah, you need to do something else” you know how he talks lol. So I wanted to do “Something for the people my love is the ish” but I couldn’t get into it in the mirror lol. I remember him mentioning

Subway so I sent him the YouTube video and said, “you know the lyrics?” He said “Hell yeah” my response was “Bet” and we basically reenacted the video and added our crazy chemistry to it!

Courtesy of Angie Green

SB: It happens like that sometimes! The song you think you want just doesn’t work out and you have to regroup.

SB: What advice would you give someone who is afraid to perform?

AG: My advice that I would give someone that is afraid to perform is to stand in the front row. The vibes that come off that stage will fuel you. Once you get a taste of the energy that comes with being in the audience you will feel the need to give it back and that is by getting on stage. Once you get up there you will never be the same. You saw it here first.

SB: Thank you so much for this impromptu interview!

Be sure to catch the next 90’s R&B Karaoke event as they come to a city near you!

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