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Monday, June 5, 2023

Zumble Exclusive with 90’s R&B Hitmaker RL!


Award-winning, chart-topping, songwriting extraordinaire RL is back and better than ever! From his days with the group Next until now, he has provided us with great anthems, smooth slow jams, and of course incredible baby-making music. I had a chance to speak with RL and we discussed his 20+ year career in the music industry, his humble beginnings with Next, some of his classic songs, and his upcoming music he is currently working on. I also had the privilege of previewing his unreleased single “Another Night”, which has made me even more excited for what’s to come. Here are a few highlights from our conversation.

RL on first falling in love with music:

“I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t. I remember music having a profound effect on me…being from Minneapolis I remember being heavily influenced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.”

RL on his duet with Deborah Cox:

“We were label mates and I had never really done anything outside my group and Clive [Davis] said I need you to record this record…I just went in and sang as hard as I could.”

RL on his new music:

“I live like a new artist. I still have that same hunger…I’m an artist at heart. I just love making music. I love creating…there’s songs that you hear that make you smile and you don’t realize you’re smiling but it just feels good.”

RL’s upcoming single “Another Night” is an incredible record. It’s one of those feel-good songs that make you want to get up and dance. It reminds me of those dance records from the ’80s from Michael Jackson or Luther Vandross. RL vocals are amazing as they always are, and the song really stands out from his previous work. It’s a fresh new sound with that classic feel. I cannot wait for everyone to hear it!

Be sure to tune in this Friday to 90’s R&B University for the full interview!

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