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D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) – Movie Review


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Movie Review • This may be surprising but D2 is my favorite sports movie. I thought it was just something I liked watching as a kid, but re-watching it now makes me love it even more. It is such a fun movie to watch & it introduced me to a sport that was not talked about in my household. The Mighty Ducks franchise showed me that black people knew how to play hockey too! 

It’s not too often that the sequel to a movie is better than the first, but D2 knocks the first one out of the park. The first one was good, but the casting & writing just hit different with D2. Seeing the kids thriving & already established in the hockey game made the movie way more fun to watch. My favorite scene is when Charlie goes around the city to gather all the original ducks after Bombay informs him of playing for Team USA. I like how it gave a glimpse of what each individual player had been up to since they last played together.

As a kid, I always wanted to skate through the mall like they did & snatch off an old mans hat on the bench. The acrobatics that were used during that scene still excite me. Once everyone was back together, it was time to bring in the newbies. My favorite newbies on the squad were the other half of The Bash Brothers Dean, & my favorite cowboy from Austin, TX Dwayne. Dwayne’s character was so fun to watch with that big smile & even bigger heart. He was one of the few that came from a state that was not known for ice skating or hockey.

When they added Keenan’s character (Russ) to the story, that was the official stamp of approval for me. Russ and his knuckle-puck should go down as the greatest slapshot. Even Fulton was amazed, and he was the original shooter of the team. The scene when they play street hockey against the LA kids is another favorite of mine, because it showed that some of the better hockey players could be right there on the block being overlooked. Once Charlie experienced the knuckle-puck & introduced Russ to Coach Bombay the Duck Squad was complete. 

For me, D2 is different from other sport movies because there’s not much struggle in the movie outside of them having to beat Iceland. Most sports movies start off with the team struggling throughout the entire movie until the end where they finally catch a break. D2 was positive 90% of the movie & showed a sports movie doesn’t have to be based around struggle. All you need is good writers & even better actors.

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