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‘House Party’ (1990) Movie Review


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Jason Gray is the founder of Zumble Media, Cultural Coffee, co-host of The Zumble Podcast Networks: In Living Culture podcast and the Playlist Papi. Jason is also a screenwriter, director, and your average actor. Oh, and he's the founder of Cards For The Culture trivia game brand -- the original creator of Martin Trivia. "My only goal in life is to bring the 90s back"

MOVIE REVIEW | The best party in town is ready whenever you’re ready to buy a ticket to “House Party,” a hip-hopping high-school movie by the Hudlin brothers team — producer Warrington and writer/director Reginald — that pumps up the volume and wiggles its comic butt across the screen with a liveliness you don’t see too often.

But don’t worry, concerned citizens, ain’t no pizza restaurant gonna burn down.

Here’s what will happen, on a good night, at least: The audience will come alive. Take the applause one recent weeknight that greeted lead character Kid (Christopher Reid of musical duo Kid N’ Play) when, in the movie, he pulls off his sleeping cap to reveal a tall, “Eraserhead” ‘fro which, in his Pop’s words, makes him look like “a young tree stump walking ’round”; or take the indignant “Wait??!!” — this from a vicariously passionate viewer in one of the front rows — when Sidney (Tisha Campbell) tells hot N’ bothered Kid to cool the ardor.

Then, when Kid gives Sidney a sensitive rap about staying friends no matter what, there was this wise woman’s retort from one of the middle rows: “It works for the moment.”




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