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Janet Jackson – 20 Y.O. (2006) Album Review


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Album Review • Not ya’ll sleeping on this album the way you did, but let me break it down a little bit so you know what you missed. Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” tour has been getting nothing but rave reviews with one post in particular that celebrates Janet performing records from her 2006 album 20 Y.O. that featured production from the legends Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis & then boyfriend Jermaine Dupri. There was some concern from critics about the involvement of JD on this project. Honestly I think he created exactly what he said this album would be & that was a dance record. 

“Do It 2 Me” is one of the records she performs on tour that fans are losing their minds over because it’s the first time she’s performed it live. This cut is one of my favorites on the album. With the right director, this would have been a dope music video. JD made sure you knew which records he produced because not a minute went by where you didn’t hear his ad-lib in the background. “So Excited” featuring Khia was probably one of the most random features of 2006. Never in music history would I have imagined Janet & Khia on a record together & I know that was all JD. The song still ride though!

Once you get halfway through the album, is when the Jimmy & Terry production come into play. I like to call this section of the album “Strawberry”. If you’re a true Janet fan then you know exactly what I’m talking about…with ya nasty self. The album made a complete shift from club beats to silk sheets. Sensual records is what Janet is known for & I have yet to hear one that I don’t like. “Take Care” & “Love 2 Love” gone fog up the bedroom windows instantly! From the hard 808 of “Love 2 Love” to Janet’s soft sensual tone in “Take Care”, these records are the MVP’s of the album. Go ahead & add them to your little sneaky link playlist…with ya fast tail!

This has the be the most Hip Hop sound Janet has ever had in her career. Some of the records weren’t the best but the ones that were made it a well rounded album. “Call on Me” & “With U” will be my 2 honorable mentions. “Call on Me” with Nelly was a nice little bop & “With U” was a single that didn’t get a music video nor much airplay. Although this album came right after The Super Bowl incident, Miss Jackson still managed to get her eighth consecutive platinum album.

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