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LSG – Levert.Sweat.Gill (1997) Album Review


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Album Review • Whoever said Johnny Gill & Gerald Levert (RIP) should be in a group together…THANK YOU! Then top it off with Keith’s begging, you have a supergroup on your hands. These three had the women swooning every time they opened their mouths. Do we as the Black Music Caucus put LSG in the top 5 of supergroups? Let me know in the comments.

LSG started this album off with “Door #1”, a baby maker that would be added to that slow grind playlist. I love how they all mentioned a former record of theirs in the lyrics. Gerald with “I ain’t no Casanova” to Johnny with “I’ll rub you the right way” & Keith singing “I’ll give all my love to you” whew! There’s some serious pen game in that record. I didn’t expect them to come out the gate swinging like that. Of course “My Body” will always get the crowd going, it is classic LSG! The video, the vocals & the production were just top tier. Soon as you hear “911-0024” you know its about that time.

My favorite record on the album is “All the Times” featuring Faith Evans, Missy & Coko. When I tell you there was some good SANGIN’ on this record? It’s that record that you can’t get past once you first hear it, that repeat button will be stuck. Coko & Faith didn’t have to eat that song up the way they did. The trio sampled Midnight Star’s “Curious” and it is a bonafide BOP. With features by Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J & MC Lyte, they pulled out some heavy hitters for this record. MC Lyte rode that beat so tough, she was easily the best verse on there. 

They have this record “Let a Playa Get His Freak On” & honestly they could have kept that one in the vault lol! It remind me of those songs that you hear at the 50+ club with all the uncles & aunties getting their groove on with their cigarette at the tip of their lip with their liquor in the left hand. It was giving hole in the wall blues & it didn’t flow too good with the rest of the album.

Overall, this is a R&B album! You know exactly what I mean when I say that. They gave us great bedroom hits, with some ballads & a couple of up-tempo cuts. This is definitely an album that you can mention when someone tells you to name a real R&B album. Levert, Sweat & Gill came together & gave us a solid album.

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  1. Dope review!! All the Times is definitely the best song on this album, followed by My Side of the Bed. The penmanship on Door #1 was topnotch. Each singer incorporating multiple song titles from their catalogs was creative and fit the song perfectly.


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