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For Your Love (1998-2002) – TV Review


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TV Review • I have waited years for a streaming service to pick up “For Your Love” or for it to be syndicated & the tv gods have heard my prayers. The amazing Yvette Lee Bowser created a show that was rare on tv. “For Your Love” followed the life of 3 successful couples & how they each handle their marriage & relationship as newlyweds, marriage veterans & the commitment fobs. We got to see the love of Malena & Mel, Sheri & Dean, & Bobbi & Reggie.

Malena & Mel were the newlyweds that gave us the ups & downs of being first time newlyweds. I love how the writers didn’t have them in their honeymoon phase for majority of the first season. Midway through the first season the couple dealt with the issue of becoming too busy for each other that eventually interrupted their sex life. Normally when they’re having issues they go to the vets Sheri & Dean for advice & sometimes their advice works & sometimes it doesn’t. Unfortunately Sheri & Dean were having their own drought but theirs was part of a ritual that Dean used because Dean thought sustaining from sex helped him play better.

Each couple had their own unique love which made the show very relatable. Bobbi & Reggie had a semi toxic but loveable relationship because they’re afraid of commitment but didn’t want anyone else to have the other. Reggie always thought he could try & play games with Bobbi but she would always play the game a little better & Reggie’s jealousy would show he loved Bobbi more than he claim. Then Bobbi would also get a kick of reality when she realizes Reggie really is the perfect man for her. Their petty ways always brought them back together.

The vets Sheri & Dean were the couple everyone went to for advice since they were a bit more seasoned. I loved their dynamic as a couple, you could tell they were meant for each other. Sheri was a true “Ima stand beside my man” type of wife. Every time Dean had any type of issue she would always step in to try & make it better even without Dean’s knowledge. She was the true nurturer of the group. Their dynamics as friends was so fun to watch with each couple learning from the other.

I miss fun tv series like these. The show almost didn’t make it past 8 episodes after NBC cancelled it but they got picked up by the WB & went on for 5 seasons. This is one series that I consider one of the few perfect ones. The theme song was a hit with vocals by Chaka Khan & Michael McDonald & the characters had great chemistry on screen. Definitely one to add to my “comfort show” list. Check it out on CleoTV!

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