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Street Fighter II (1991) – Video Game Review


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Jelisa is a lover of all music, but 90's R&B has a special place in her heart. She considers the 90's a groundbreaking era for black entertainment that should be celebrated more. "Music is my love language and movies are my mistress."

Video Game Review • Street Fighter II is the first fighting game I remember playing as a kid on Super Nintendo. It’s one of the few games my babysitter’s grandson had & it was one of the highlights of being over there everyday. There was no better feeling than finishing your breakfast & sitting in front of that floor TV Indian style & preparing to choose between the multiple characters from Ryu, Akuma & Ken Masters, to Chun-Li & Dhalism.

Holding the Guinness Book of World Record for “Most Prolific Fighting Game Series”, & “Longest-Running Fighting Video Game Series, I think we can all agree the Street Fighter franchise was apart of every gamers childhood. Whether you played with Ken Masters, Chun Li or Dhalism you knew there would be bodies flying. It’s funny seeing how fighting games were back then & seeing them now & how they have storylines. As with Street Fighter you just went to a bonus round where you would have to beat up a random car or the next fight with random people in the background minding their business like it’s not a whole body flying across the screen. 

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Years later & I’m still convinced Ryu is saying “ahhh yooouuu sh*t” as he’s using his special power. I think him & Ken were probably long lost brothers. You know “mama’s baby, daddies maybe” type of situation & they both would always fight over Chun Li. Chun Li was the first playable female character in a fighting series & the first thick female player to grace our gaming system. Her thighs made me want to do squats & get on the “Butt Blaster.” Although she was the only female player, I rarely played with her. Ken & Dhalism were my favs, because I liked how Dhalism limbs stretched & I liked the red martial art outfit on Ken.

I would love to see a crossover between Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat. I guarantee that game would sell out within minutes. I’d buy a system to get my hands on that! Reminiscing on these games make me grateful that I was raised majority of my life an only child because I didn’t have to take turns with my older siblings to play the game. I’m sure my older brothers unplugged my controller when they did let me play, the perks of being the baby! *eye roll*  What I would give to have the 90’s back! 

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  1. Good review!!! Definitely one of my favorite games. Although I started playing games on Atari lol… And the whole Ken and Ryu part has me laughing hard. Ryu was definitely cussing lol… all the characters are memorable and have their strengths and weaknesses and I think that’s part of what help made the game. Please someone bring the 90’s back smh…

  2. I managed a Subway then, and being so young it kept me in trouble. Subway was at the mall and the arcade was within 30seconds of the food court. I took a break for EVERYTHING! Payroll, schedules, inventory, smoke break (didn’t smoke!) I won money left and right using my favorite, Ryu or Guile!


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