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The Weekly Wrap (June 18th)


Jason G.http://www.zumblemedia.com/
Jason Gray is the founder of Zumble Media, Cultural Coffee, co-host of The Zumble Podcast Networks: In Living Culture podcast and the Playlist Papi. Jason is also a screenwriter, director, and your average actor. Oh, and he's the founder of Cards For The Culture trivia game brand -- the original creator of Martin Trivia. "My only goal in life is to bring the 90s back"

WEEKLY WRAP | What a great start to our first two Cultural Coffee newsletters. This week we learned that some of our favorite artist re-recorded their biggest hits and we got a ‘Boyz N The Hood’ and ‘Friday’ movie review. If you didn’t know, we recently launched a newsletter called Cultural Coffee!. Three times a week, we deliver some smoking hot coffee to your inbox at 5 AM in the morning. It’s written articles about 90s music, 90s movies, 90s TV shows, and 90s culture. It’s honestly the best way to start your morning because the 90s make us feel so good.

The stand out article this week was written by Shan Britton. It was an article ‘Are Re-Recording Hits Helping or Hurting The Artist?’. It’s a really great breakdown of which songs hit and which songs missed the mark. Accompanying that is a playlist of 15 songs. We’ll update it as more songs come in.

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